Initial Lead Paint Testing ($465 for first unit, $300 for additional)

If this is the FIRST lead paint test ever conducted in your house or apartment you would request an INITIAL Lead paint test.  Don’t know if your property has been tested before? Click here to find out.  

Note: a unit includes the interior as well as the common areas and exterior. Additional unit discounts only apply if the inspection is done on the same day. 


Post Compliance Assessment Determination/PCAD ($465 per unit)

If your home has been tested before and you need an updated certificate you would request a PCAD Inspection.  You will need to provide Christine with the paperwork you have pertaining to lead based paint.  


Interim Controls Inspection ($485 per unit)

Interim Control is a way for property owners to correct urgent lead hazards in order to protect children from lead and comply with the lead law. It allows property owners up to two years before they are required to delead a home or apartment. 


Lead Paint Re-inspection ($495 per unit)

Once the abatement of the house or apartment is completed you will need to have a lead paint re-inspection. This does not have to be performed by the same inspector that performed your initial testing.  The re-inspection is a visual check of work that has been completed as well as the collection of dust wipes for lab analysis.  The fee for a lead paint re-inspection includes the lab analysis fees. 


RRP Assessment ($325 per unit)

For those clients who are renovating, repairing, or painting an older home, this service is ideal.  I only test the areas that are being disturbed by the proposed renovation. This is a less detailed test that is designed to inform you or your renovator about the presence of lead-based paint & is often sought out by people who are remodeling their home. 

Copies of lost documentation ($40 per unit)

If you have previously received documentation from this office and have misplaced it, there is a fee for additional copies of paperwork. Contact me if this service is of interest to you. 

Disclaimer: The above prices are subject to change based on the size and location of the property. 


Initial Mold Testing and Analysis ($590 per unit) 

This inspection includes a visual inspection on the interior and exterior of the property, two air samples with bio-spore mold traps, two swab tests, and two tape lifts. Following the analysis by an independent lab, you will receive recommended remediation methods and a full comprehensive report. 

Post Abatement Re-inspection($ per unit)

After the remediation is completed in the unit, this re-inspection will include visual and lab analysis to verify that the mold has been removed.

Disclaimer: The above prices are subject to change based on the size and location of the property.