Get your property tested by a master lead paint inspector.


Caulfield Environmental is owned and operated by Christine Caulfield. The company was founded in 1990 and services all of Massachusetts with quality, efficient lead and mold testing.  Caulfield Environmental is a woman-owned business enterprise with over 28 years of experience in the lead paint consulting and testing field. Christine would be pleased to help you with your environmental inquires. She explains the process thoroughly and guide you through the necessary steps to make your property compliant with the Massachusetts Lead Paint Laws. Her prices are straightforward and can be found here. Please contact her to arrange for your inspection. 


The lead paint testing is performed by a non-invasive x-ray machine. The x-ray fluorescence analyzer can read through the multiple coats of paint to the bottom substrate. The machine will take about four seconds to test most surfaces. A reading of 1.0 mg/cm² or greater is considered to be dangerous. 

The testing is performed on the interior and exterior coated surfaces, such as walls, baseboards, doors, door trim, window sashes and trim, closet components, porch, and exterior components. A detailed report is written and emailed to you that evening. At the time of the inspection Christine will review the acceptable methods of abatement as well as the licenses necessary to perform the remediation work. 



Initial lead paint testing   

Post Compliance Assessment Determination

Interim Controls Inspection

Lead Paint Re-Inspection

RRP Assessment